About Faces of Hope

Inspire others. Create smiles. Give hope!

Our commitment - as a group of dedicated, passionate community members - is first to you as the community and the sponsors and contributors that support us. We formed this organization not because of you, but for you. Our goal is to turn dollars into a better future for our entire community and to be able to take ownership and accountability for all of your contributions and their reaching impact.

Be the change you want to see in the world and in your community. We believe in maintaining the threads that have held us together for 13 strong years. We are built on the solid foundations of giving back and making a difference because we have all been touched in some way by a life threatening illness and this is part of our healing process. Most of all, we know 88% of every dollar raised goes directly to health care recipients.

We are committed to:

  • Support programs that have an impact on people in the communities that support it.
  • Further scientific research that seeks a cure or effective treatment for life-threatening illness.
  • Bolster educational initiatives that will provide additional or new knowledge about preventative measures to combat diseases.
  • Strengthen efforts to provide medical and emotional support for patients and their family.

These core values sustain our spirit and help us strive to complete our Mission:

  • To foster health related research, education and support activities that have a direct impact in our health care service area.

You Can Make an Impact, This Is Your Community

We make ourselves accountable to you by making the recipients of our grant dollars accountable to us. Our recipients sign a contract saying they will only use our dollars in ways that reflect our mission. To make sure that the outcome aligns with our mission, we ask our recipients to send quarterly reports telling us:

  • How have the dollars been used?
  • What does your program offer community members?
  • Who are you serving?

Our families, neighbors and friends are served, with your help, by these recipients:

  • Alzheimer's Association of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • American Family Children's Hospital - Madison, Wisconsin
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Fort HealthCare - Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
  • National Niemann - Pick Disease Foundation, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
  • Rainbow Hospice Care- Jefferson County, Wisconsin
  • UW Paul P. Carbone Cancer Center - Madison, Wisconsin
  • UW Health Partners/Watertown Regional Medical Center - Watertown, Wisconsin
  • Watertown Area Cares Clinic - Watertown, Wisconsin

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